The Daring Feat of Jaan Roose: Crossing the Strait of Messina on a Slackline

Jaan Roose, stretto di Messina
Jaan Roose, stretto di Messina

Jaan Roose attempts the impossible: 3.5 km suspended above the Strait of Messina

In the world of extreme sports, Red Bull continues to push human limits with increasingly daring challenges. This time, the spotlight is on Jaan Roose, a world-renowned Estonian slackliner, who will attempt an unprecedented feat: crossing the Strait of Messina on a slackline. This breathtaking journey spans 3.5 kilometers, suspended over 200 meters above the turbulent waters of the sea.

Jaan Roose is ready to make history by crossing the Strait of Messina on foot

Jaan Roose is poised to make history by crossing the Strait of Messina on foot. This unique event will be broadcast live on Mediaset, with coverage on Channel 20 and streaming on SportMediaset and Tgcom24 websites starting from July, depending on weather conditions.

Balancing in the void on a ribbon just a few millimeters wide makes the endeavor seem impossible, but not for him. Roose will attempt to walk from Calabria to Sicily on a slackline, once again showcasing his incredible talent.

Sponsored by Red Bull, the event promises to be one of the most spectacular feats ever attempted in the history of slacklining. The Strait of Messina, known for its treacherous currents and fierce winds, poses an unprecedented challenge even for an athlete of Roose’s caliber. The preparation required for such an endeavor is rigorous and meticulous, demanding not only peak physical condition but also considerable mental resilience and deep concentration.

Roose is no stranger to extraordinary feats. With numerous world records to his name, the Estonian has repeatedly demonstrated the courage and skill to tackle extreme situations. However, crossing the Strait of Messina represents a completely new level of difficulty, given not only the length of the crossing but also the unpredictable weather conditions.

The community of extreme sports enthusiasts and Roose’s supporters are eagerly following the developments in preparation for this incredible adventure. The images and videos of the feat, to be distributed globally, will provide a unique opportunity to admire the beauty of the Strait of Messina from an entirely new perspective.

As the event date approaches, anticipation and excitement grow to see if Jaan Roose will successfully complete this extraordinary crossing. Success in this endeavor would not only further solidify his legendary status in the world of slacklining but also serve as a tangible testament to the incredible human capabilities when mind and body work in harmony.

Jaan Roose’s feat is destined to leave a mark in the history of extreme sports, demonstrating once again that with determination, courage, and meticulous preparation, even the most impossible challenges can be overcome.

Jaan Roose: from slacklining beginnings to world records

When Jaan Roose began slacklining at the age of 18, he never imagined he would astonish millions worldwide with his unique acrobatics. Today, he is a three-time slacklining champion and the only athlete to have executed a backflip on a slackline. Roose holds numerous records in this discipline.

His exceptional skill has led him to work as a stuntman in Hollywood films such as “Assassin’s Creed” and participate in Madonna’s world tour. Beyond competition, Jaan loves to travel and showcase his incredible talent to a global audience.

In 2021, he performed at a height of 100 meters in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in 2022, he demonstrated his abilities in the stunning Bozzhira Valley, Mangystau region, Kazakhstan.

Known for his nerves of steel, Jaan Roose continues to impress the world with his talent and passion for slacklining.

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