Julian Assange freed: US agreement marks the end of detention

Julian Assange
Julian Assange

Julian Assange freed after US agreement: leaving long UK detention, WikiLeaks founder exits London prison bound for United States

Julian Assange is finally free from five years of detention in the UK, having left the high-security prison near London yesterday. This marks the conclusion of a tumultuous chapter in his life, culminating in a plea agreement reached with US authorities.

According to WikiLeaks, Assange left prison on Monday afternoon and took a flight from Stansted Airport, heading towards an uncertain future in the United States. The agreement stipulates that Assange will plead guilty to a single charge, resulting in a 64-month prison sentence. However, due to the five years he spent in pretrial detention in the UK, he will effectively become a free man once the federal judge ratifies the agreement.

The founder of WikiLeaks had been indicted for publishing approximately 700,000 classified US documents starting from 2010, primarily concerning military and diplomatic activities. This situation has garnered broad support from activists and human rights advocates, including messages of joy and gratitude from Assange’s wife, Stella, and his mother.

Before heading to the United States, Assange made a brief stop in Bangkok for refueling of the plane, which then took him to the Northern Mariana Islands in the Pacific, where his appearance before a local judge is expected. It is anticipated that Wednesday morning the plea agreement formalization will occur, ensuring his freedom and, hopefully, his return to his native Australia.

This development marks a turning point for Assange, signaling the end of a long period of legal uncertainty and detention, as he looks forward with hope to regaining his freedom and returning to a normal life.

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